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Second in size only to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv is a city that boasts several distinct districts that offer unique experiences. A modern city that is experiencing phenomenal growth, Tel Aviv offers more than 50 different neighborhoods that are often home to different cultures. While many of these neighborhoods reflect the cosmopolitan city that Tel Aviv is becoming, others still offer a glimpse of the history that this region holds dear. Tel Aviv is situated along the Mediterranean and is bounded the Yarkon River.

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Set just outside Jaffe, Florentin is an area filled with picturesque Bauhaus buildings that are in disrepair but beautifully colored. Though the area is currently being redeveloped -- much to the chagrin of some of the locals -- and it doesn't contain any green spaces, it is home to the Levinsky Market with is only a ten minutes walk from the Central Bus Station. Here you'll find legumes, spices, dried fruits and more.

Tel Aviv University

Located in the northern portion of the city, Tel Aviv University is a public research university that offers plenty of architecturally-significant buildings, green spaces and places to speak to some of the brightest young people in the city, making it ideal for your next Tel Aviv video production project.

Yarkon Park

Much like New York City's Central Park, Yarkon Park provides a green vista set among a bustling metropolis. Its natural beauty provides a welcome respite from the fast-paced life of Tel Aviv. In addition to outdoor concert venues, a water park and sports facilities, Yarkon Park also offers botanical gardens, lakes and extensive lawns.

Neve Tzedek

As the first Jewish neighborhood outside Jaffa, the city's accent port, Neve Tzedek offers a rich history, a diverse variety of architectural styles and a plethora of art galleries. With its distinctive village-like environment, the area has become a trendy place for residents and visitors alike.


Though it is thronged with tourists -- and for good reason! -- Jaffa is a must see for anyone who is interested in video production in Tel Aviv. It is the oldest port and city center in Tel Aviv and boasts a Franciscan church, St. Peter's Catholic Church, that was built on the remains of a fortress. Other notable features include the neighborhood's world-famous Flea Market and the Zodiac alleys which lead to art galleries and the sea.

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