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Thailand is a filmmaker’s dream – dramatic mountains, clear blue lagoons, mystical temples, and buzzing cities, all within hours of each other. The diversity of the terrain and relatively easy access make it one of the best places in the region to film. Thailand makes it easy to capture scenes that could stand in for any country in Asia, and others that are unmistakably Thai.

With a little bit of patience, Thailand slowly reveals its complexity to the camera. Spared colonial rule (and architecture) from Europe, the soul of the country shines through in every shot. At the same time, the recent influence of the West is striking, as the open and welcoming locals have adapted to the globetrotting tourists and business people who now walk among them.

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Top Thailand Filming Destination


Sathorn is Bangkok’s frenetic business district, where glistening skyscrapers overlook crowded open-air markets and centuries-old temples. The sleek, modern SkyTrain runs through the area, adding to the sense of a futuristic city built atop an ancient one. There is no place that better captures the contradictions of modern Asia.


Krabi is one of Thailand’s top seaside resorts, but this isn’t your ordinary beach vacation spot. Mossy limestone formations towering up from the blue-green water give Krabi an eerie beauty, making it at once relaxing and wild. Traditional wooden boats, which are still widely used, add to the romance.

Grand Palace

Bangkok’s Grand Palace is a sprawling complex of breathtaking buildings, where it’s hard to find a bad angle. Home to the royal family, its dozens of ornate, sinewy towers create skylines that inspire awe and respect. On the grounds of the palace also sits the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, a stunningly detailed Buddhist shrine.

Wat Rong Kuhn

Situated in Thailand’s often-overlooked northern reaches, Wat Rong Kuhn is a unique temple that was largely built in the 21st century. Known to tourists as the “White Temple,” Wat Rong Kuhn looks almost as if it were carved out of bone. With its incredible detail and watery surrounds, images of the temple look like they were captured from a dream.

Lampang Province

Lampang Province is home to steep mountain terrain that is jagged and lush all at once. Dotted with high-altitude temples, Lampang province looks like another world altogether, where gravity is of no concern and life happens above the clouds.

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