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You might not think of Toronto as being a film center, but it actually has the nickname of Hollywood North. Video production in Toronto is extremely active, and the area is very much in demand with amateur and professional filmmakers the world over. Here are some hidden spots that haven’t yet been fully appreciated in the film and video world.

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Top Toronto Filming Destination

The Hindu Temple in North Etobicoke

Made entirely of Italian Carrara marble, this breathtaking edifice is an actual Hindu temple that glows naturally at night. Adorned with a rectangular body of water and fountain on the paved grounds in front, this location has somehow escaped the notice of Toronto video production crews.

Redway Road Staircase

This wooden staircase in the woods is actually a functional pathway for sewage workers who need to traverse the steep climb of Redway Road. However, you can use it in your film anytime of year, although Autumn is the most beautiful, since the staircase is lined with trees.

Centennial Park Conservatory

This underrated gem in Toronto is home to a vast 12,000 indoor greenhouse. It’s the perfect location for a video production in Toronto that requires greenery in the middle of a long cold Canadian winter.

Necropolis Cemetery House

The Necropolis cemetery is perfectly suited for some films, but the cemetery house should be in focus. The stone house is literally covered in green ivy, and the inside is cool even on the hottest summer Toronto days. A Toronto video production crew would be able to make good use of this unusual locale.

West Toronto Railway Path

What should a city do with an abandoned railway bridge? Turn it into a bike/walking path of course. Toronto video production crews would surely love to use this unusual setting as the location for part of a chase scene or a tragic ending to a character’s life.

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