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When people are looking for a location to film their next videos, the United Arab Emirates is a frequent destination. This unique Middle Eastern country is home to a wide variety of locations that everyone can find useful. From the one of a kind desert region to the tropical areas of the coastline, video production in the United Arab Emirates covers a vast breadth of locations.

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Top UAE Filming Destination

The Dubai Creek

When people are looking for a coastal scene for their next movie, the Dubai Creek bears a striking resemblance to the tropics. This means that anyone looking for some beautiful blue water with a diverse array of marine life will find their next location in this area. Fly down and take a look!

Yas Island

For that downtown feel, Yas Island is the place to go. It has exciting water parks for that unique background shot as well as formula one races to inject a little excitement. Don't forget about the concerts and strip malls that are always popular! At night, this island lights up with a beautiful light show that cannot be missed.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

It's not unusual for people to need a religious shot to add a little peace and tranquility to their film. This is one of the most iconic landmarks for both the United Arab Emirates and the religion of Islam. It has 82 white domes that will create a movie scene unlike any other. People can always be found in and around the dome paying their respects.

Emirates Palace

Everyone will appreciate a little royalty and the Emirates Palace does just this. While this is no longer home to royalty, it certainly still feels that way. Now, the palace is a gorgeous hotel and even contains a private marina that will add something unique to every shot. Complete with gorgeous architecture and beautiful fountains in the front, every video producers should take the time to visit this opulent hotel!

Burj Khalifa

Nothing quite says "skyscraper" like the Burj Khalifa. The Burj Khalifa is one of the tallest buildings in the world with over 160 stories. When video producers are looking for a towering skyscraper to film an exciting portion of their movie, many people turn towards the Burj Khalifa. It even has an observation deck on the top for some truly unique shots.

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