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A long and thin Southeastern country, Vietnam boasts an extensive coastline along the Gulf of Thailand, the South China Sea and the Gulf of Tonkin. With a land area of about 40% mountains, as well as hills, dense forests, highlands and coastal lowlands, Vietnam offers a great deal of diversity in topography and climate. This fact alone makes it a vibrant choice for video production.

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Top Vietnam Filming Destination

Cuc Phuong National Park

As Vietnam's largest national park, Cuc Phuong National Park offers an incredible diversity in both plant and animal life. Thousands of species of reptiles, plants, fish, birds, amphibians and mammals roam the grassy, well-maintained park. There is also a rehabilitation center for injured wildlife.

Cao Bang

Located in northern Vietnam, Cao Bang provides an easy base from which to visit the caves, lakes, villages and karst peaks that are located nearby. A spot that is not overrun with tourists, Cao Bang offers a charm and character that is quite unlike the more crowded towns. The Ban Gioc Waterfall, located on the country's border with China, is easily reached from the city of Cao Bang.

My Son

Located along the central coast of Vietnam is a set of ruins known as My Son. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, My Son is likely to be the archeological site that was inhabited the longest in Indochina. They are the ruins of the Asian Hindu civilization known as the Cham. The extensive temples were made of brick and are covered in lush vegetation, making them an exciting slice of Vietnam history and an ideal site of video production.

Ha Long Bay

Just 105 miles from the bustling city of Hanoi lies Ha Long Bay along the Gulf of Tangkia. Many lists of natural wonders of the world include a write-up about Ha Long Bay. Tree-dotted limestone islands rise from the sea, providing a breathtaking backdrop suitable for Vietnam video production. Nearly 2,000 islands make up the archipelago of Ha Long Bay with some inhabited and others not.

Nha Trang

Nha Trang is a Vietnamese seaside town that boasts a lively and urban character. For those who are interested in scuba diving, Nha Trang is the epicenter of this activity in the country. There are also waterfalls, pagodas, museums and more to see in Nha Trang and the surrounding areas.

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