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Yokohama is Japan's second-largest city and a busy seaport just south of Tokyo. It is also the setting of many mixed media projects, animated films, and manga as well as live-action films (including classics like Godzilla vs. Mothra.) Yokohama's history dates back to the 1860s when its port opened, making it a much younger city than Tokyo and Osaka which are also at the top of the list of Japan's largest metropolises. Yokohama has something of a rivalry with Tokyo in that it began a race against time to become more futuristic in the 1960s and transform its industrial landscape into a cosmopolitan city. This competition has kept pace and as a result, Yokohama has more Western influence in terms of architecture and culture. This makes for interesting opportunities for video production since there are not only unique urban locations to shoot in, but also the city's bustling maritime community. Here's some locations to consider if you're thinking about filming in Yokohama.

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Top Yokohama Filming Destination

Osanbashi Pier

Yokohama is a major port city and Osanbashi Pier is where all of the cruise ships come and go. The massive pier is designed to look like a mammoth old-fashioned boardwalk with a trendy, modern twist. It's also an ideal spot to get panoramic shots of the city's skyline and port.

Yokohama Chinatown

Interestingly, Yokohama doesn't have a very large population yet it has what most believe is the largest Chinatown in the entire world. In addition to Chinese shops and restaurants, there are Chinese temples and gates as well as yards of paper lanterns and street vendors that will make for an engaging shoot.

Yamate District

Yokohama was the first Japanese city to have a significant immigrant population and this is highly visible in the Yamate District. Western-style homes from the 20th century abound and the Yokohama Foreign Cemetery offers a peek into Meiji Era Japan and the westerners who lived there then.

Minato Mirai

Literally meaning "future port", this bustling piece of Yokohama's iconic skyline is full of frenetic energy and is a popular cultural destination. The modern city against the majestic mountains makes for incredible contrast that will make for a memorable shoot.

Sankeien Garden

Built by a wealthy silk trader in the early 1900s, the lush 43-acre garden is rich with historical buildings transported from Kyoto, Kamakura, Shirakawago, and other cities. The tranquil ponds and sakura groves make it ideal for evocative video production in Yokohama.

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