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Visique is a New Zealand network of independent qualified optometrists established in 2000 who provide reliable and affordable eye care to all New Zealanders. From contact lenses to designer glasses and glasses frames. Visique care about Kiwi eyes because they are proudly New Zealand owned and operated. Visique care about the people in their local communities, which is why you’ll find their practices on the main streets of Kiwi towns.

Why Visique?
Visique practitioners are committed to the highest quality professional eye care. Visique have a reputation for clinical excellence, and for spending quality time with customers, which allows our optometrists to understand their customers’ individual needs and to advise them of the best solutions for their eye care. Visique offer the best quality contact lenses, and glasses frames, as well as a fabulous range of eye wear. From great value yet stylish glasses frames to the most sought after designer brands. Visique is also the only optometrist with Fly Buys. What’s more, Visique position themselves at the heart of their local communities, supporting them through initiatives like ‘Back to School’. In 2012, new-entrants in 660 schools across New Zealand were offered free sunglasses for the eighth year in a row, and at the same time Visique educated up to 175,000 students, 350,000 parents and 6,600 teachers about the importance of children’s vision and eye care with especially produced brochures and resource packs.

All about glasses
Our incredible level of eye care service is backed by an incredible range of products, from cutting-edge lens technology to stylish designer frames, some of which are exclusive and only available at Visique. Whatever your style, your prescription glasses should complement and enhance your individuality, as well as being comfortable and ensuring that you have the best vision possible. You’ll see the difference that Visique will make to your eyesight.

All about Contact Lenses
Thanks to advances in technology, contact lenses perform better than ever before, and there is a huge range of options for those considering contacts, either as well as or as an alternative to prescription glasses.You’ll find more information here about the benefits of contacts and how to use them, but don’t forget, your local Visique optometrist can also answer any questions you might have!

So the next time you need new glasses, glasses frames, contact lenses, or to speak with a friendly optometrist, choose Visique. It’s local, it’s New Zealand owned, so you know you can trust it.


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