Wilderness Motorhomes Adventure in Central North Island of New Zealand

Take a motorhome on a 12 day tour around the Central North Island of NZ for secluded locations and stunning scenery

Wilderness Motorhomes goes on tour around the Central North Island New Zealand, in 12 days of action packed fun, secluded locations and stunning scenery.

Wilderness Motorhomes is an amazing way to travel, you never have to worry about anything! Your bound to have the best sleeps of your life going to sleep at dusk and waking up with the sun, and your diet is bound to improve based on cooking simple but yummy meals. You have a lot of space! There is lots of storage in the motorhomes. They are also lovely to drive and not like driving your typical van or truck. You can park them anywhere, the one in the video (the escape) is fully self contained, complete with a kitchen two double beds, a dining room, large ensuite and large fridge!

Wilderness Motorhomes is the traveller’s favourite rental vehicle company. Our customer reviews have earned us the coveted Supreme Award of the Traveller Voted Awards for two of the past three years.

At Wilderness Motorhomes we rent top quality vehicles at a sensible price. We figured that not everyone wants to pay top dollar for a campervan. So we sourced highly specced vehicles that are no more than six years old, then refurbished them, and now we maintain them meticulously. And if you’d rather hire a brand new motorhome, we have European designed and built Escape 4 for supreme comfort and style. All our campervans and motorhomes run on diesel fuel which is about 40% less expensive than petrol (gasoline) in New Zealand. They come with all the extras that most rental companies either don’t bother with or charge you extra for like dual air bags, solar panels and big batteries, copious water storage, DVD player and MP3 connection, and freedom camping certification.

We’re not too big. Our company is big enough to have a wide range of options, good systems, and backups if things go wrong – but it’s not so big that you will be treated like a number. You won’t find any queues or line ups at our bases, just a warm welcome and a helping hand. And whether it’s advice on where to find the best coffee in Wellington or snowboard hire in Methven, either before you leave home or while you’re on the road, our team are ready, willing, and able to help.

We’re the experts on touring New Zealand. Our team know all is there is to know about campervan hire in New Zealand. We live it and breathe it not just while we’re at work but on weekends and holidays as well. That’s why our campervans are the best designed and fitted out (we know what works and what doesn’t because we’re the biggest users). Our knowledge of how to make the most of your New Zealand road trip is unbeatable. In fact, we will even give you the best guide book!

We’re just plain nice. You’ll be blown away with how committed our team are to ensuring you have the most amazing Wilderness experience. That starts with how we put our rental rates together – notice the lack of nasty surprises. Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t advertise deceivingly low headline rates then whack you with hidden costs. Our pricing is fully transparent. Here are some examples of the extras that come standard at Wilderness: linen and bedding, crockery and cutlery, full gas bottle, one-way fee, extra driver fee, cleaning fee, location fee, vehicle registration fee, and airport transfers.

Wilderness Motorhomes

We rated the 90 experience:

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