Working with apps in the Commercial space – Beat Schwegler – Web Summit London 2013

Beat Schwegler, Director Platform Strategy Group for Microsoft Corporation, talks to 90 Seconds at the Web Summit London 2013, about working with apps in the commercial space, using a personal device.

90 Seconds Presents, the 2013 London Web Summit Thought Leader Series…

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The Web Summit London 2013 is the fastest growing tech conference in Europe. The Web Summit London 2013 brings together numerous thought leaders doing innovative and interesting things.

Beat Schwegler talks about how we have the device in the organisation, but how do we connect to the organisations demain, using an app so that we can start a work flow in the office, but continue that same work flow at home… Beat Schwegler talks about bringing apps into the commercial space to allow people to work autonomously on any work flow anywhere, using there personal device, but connecting to the organisations main domain, as an authenticated mobile, remote user.

Beat is part of Microsoft’s Platform Strategy Group which is developing the strategies relating to platform services and service-based applications. He started to focus on cloud computing in 2008 and just loves the opportunities it provides to businesses of all sizes. In his 9 years at Microsoft, Beat was responsible for cloud platform adoption among developers in Western Europe and provided advice on software strategy and architecture across Europe Middle East and Africa. Before joining Microsoft, he was an independent architect and developer and was involved in a wide variety of projects, ranging from real-time building control systems, best-selling shrink-wrapped products to large scale CRM and ERP systems.

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