Would you give up your desktop wallpaper for charity? 2

Donate your Desktop wallpaper for charity with the simple application Donate Your Desktop.

Donate Your Desktop is a simple application designed to change the world, one desktop at a time. It helps redirect money spent on online advertising towards a charitable cause by unlocking a potential advertising space that sits idly on over a billion computers around the world. That space is your desktop background. And only you can make that available.

Companies are prepared to pay for the privilege of advertising in such a personal space. That’s why donating your desktop doesn’t cost you anything. We donate 75% of the fees we charge for distributing advertisers’ branded desktops on your behalf.

Donating your desktop is simple and risk-free. We don’t ask for credit card details and we don’t give anyone access to your computer. All you have to do is select a charity, and download our application. Once you’ve installed it and registered, you’re done. No further effort is required to enjoy the Donate Your Desktop experience.

Each day, the application will update your desktop background with a new wallpaper. Don’t expect ugly promotions either; our branded desktops are attractive full-screen images that should be a pleasure to have as your desktop background for a day. And if you install it on another computer, you’ll be able to double your donation every day!

Spread the word! Tell your family, friends and colleagues. This is your chance to make a little difference in the world by simply ‘donating your desktop’.

Donate Your Desktop

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