X Media Lab Creative Industries media event 2012

X Media Lab Creative Industries media event 2012, is where people with original digital media ideas, can connect with a superb international network of independent creative thinkers, technology wizards, commercialization experts, potential business partners, and potential financial resources. The focus of the X Media Lab is always on you, your creative industry and your creative idea.

X Media Lab is an internationally acclaimed creative industries media event. X Media Lab creates a meeting place uniquely designed to assist creative industries, companies and people in getting their own creative industries and creative ideas successfully to market, through concept development, business matching, digital media, and direct access to world-class networks of creative professionals through a high profile media event.

X Media Lab began at the Sydney Opera House in June 2003. X Media Lab have now held over 60 X Media Lab media events in 18 of the world’s great digital media cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Mumbai, London, Sydney, Amsterdam, Kuala Lumpur, Melbourne, Seoul, Singapore, Suzhou, Auckland, Wellington, Malmö, Los Angeles, Bath, Jakarta and Manila.

X Media Lab specializes in digital media events, building high-value professional networks between the emergent creative industries in China, India, the Middle East, and North and South Asia: the new geographies and new media event hotspots that have the highest growth markets, the biggest numbers of consumers, the largest youth markets, and the greatest emerging talent pools. We also stage X Media Labs with partners in selected traditional media hotspots including London, Los Angeles, Bath, Malmö and Amsterdam.

The X Media Lab have partnered with the Sydney Film Festival, the Asia Media Festival, Broadcast Asia, ICCIE in Beijing, KOCCA in Korea, the Vivid festival in Sydney, the Melbourne International Film Festival, FICCI-FRAMES in India, NPO in Amsterdam, the AFI in Hollywood, and MDeC in Malaysia.

X Media Lab Bath: March 16 – 18, 2012
Media, Music and Mobility

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X Media Lab

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